Millions are spent annually on developing
new food items, new menus, and new ways
of attracting consumers from one restaurant
to another. Yet the same products line the back
bars of most of them. The fact is, a recent NC&B
study showed that 88% of consumers coming
into a restaurant will try something new.

OneBar wants to make your brand that "something new!"

We Deliver:

  • Over 50 years of national account sales experience.
  • Ongoing relationships with most key national account personnel.
  • A nationwide alternative lifestyle group with over 600 outlets.
  • A management team that understands what it takes to develop, sell and deliver a successful national account program.
  • National account placements and the expertise necessary to maintain and expand them.
  • In-house marketing support and development for national account promotional programs and contests.
  • A Non-price selling structure – we don’t utilize price as a vehicle for national account unit acquisition.
  • Assistance with distribution expansion.
  • Access to most of the nations preeminent national accounts.

Connecting with national accounts means:

  • Maximizing your brand’s exposure
    Using our list of accessible accounts nationwide, we can
    deliver between 6-8 million customer touch points per week.
  • Ensuring product sampling
    High volumes delivered daily, weekly, monthly and annually
    by national accounts ensures product sampling on an
    ongoing basis.
  • Securing brand strength and confidence
    The more national accounts a brand secures, the more
    comfortable the Beverage Managers become with the brand.
    In addition, the consumer becomes more familiar with the
    brand as well.
  • Boosting distributor acceptance
    We open doors to General Managers that distributors may not
    otherwise have access to.

This is why the monsters of the beverage world allocate huge
budgets towards national accounts. They understand that the
branding and promoting of their products to the on-premise
dining segment is critical to their success.